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You find GILDECLOWNS® and many accessories making life a little bit more beautiful in the retail shops. Click onto the icon and enter your post code if you want to find new giftware or decoration items. Have fun discovering accessories for your home.



GILDECLOWNS - Spendenaktion

Fundraising – Pleasure for everybody By purchasing exclusive special editions the GILDECLOWNSCLUB® members help associations that care about ill, sick and needy people. Clown doctors, cancer clinics, hospices, foundations and others receive these donations and have supported different projects. Look at the pictures!


GILDECLOWNS - Clubmitglied werden

Become a member of the GILDECLOWNS® Community and enjoy all advantages of a club membership: the club folder, club card, annual figurine, exclusive special editions and the club magazine “Die Manege” (only in German language).

GILDECLOWNS® - Loyality Figurines

GILDECLOWNS - Treuefigur

Long-time loyalty in the GILDECLOWNSCLUB® will be rewarded! For the membership of five, ten and fifteen years in the GILDECLOWNSCLUB® you have the possibility to buy an exclusive loyalty figurine. By reaching a membership in steps of five years your loyalty will be rewarded with an exclusive offer which is not available otherwise.