Frequently asked Questions

How can I keep my GILDECLOWN clean?
Moisten a cloth with tepid water and wipe it clean.
Where can I offer my GILDELCOWNS for sale?
Active members have the possibility to take out an announcement of a sale for free in the user "My account".
I have got an old GILDECLOWN – how can I find out more about it?
Please send a picture by email to info(at) or by post.
Is there a club distributor in my region?
Please use our club distributor search to find a distributor in your region. Just indicate the country and the ZIP code of your region.
Can I order a club folder with you?
No, but you can buy it at your club distributer. The club folder is also included in the loyalty package for five or ten year membership. If you order this package you will automatically get a new folder.
Do you have replacement parts for the GILDECLOWNS?
Yes, we can send you several replacement parts e.g. a fiddlestick, cards for card games, loupe, etc.
How can I renew my GILDECLOWNSCLUB-membership?
We will automatically write to you approx. 4 weeks before the expiration of your membership. You will get attached a remittance slip amounting to 29.00 EUR as well as a direct debit authorisation (club fee of 26.95 EUR). You can revoke it at any time.

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